Presentation of the closure of the "3 X Environment" Project

The project “3xEnvironment – Three campaigns integrating the SMEs sector and their surroundings in the efforts to protect the environment”, with which cooperates the "LIFE Natura2000Value Crete" project, was completed on 30 April 2016.

The project implemented by “Refa Wielkopolska Association”, in cooperation with the Association for the Development of Continuing Education «Transfer» and the Polish Craft Association. It was co-financed by the financial instrument of European Union LIFE + and the Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

The project aimed to inform and raise awareness among the small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland, which consist of 99% of all companies and employs 9 million of people, to reduce use of energy, water, paper supplies as well as raw materials.

During the 31 months of implementation of this program (01.10.2013 - 04.30.2016), 500 small and medium-sized enterprises and 3,000 owners and employees of these companies were informed through workshops, seminars, information events, publications and electronic material, for consumption reduction methods that do not affect the production process and for the social, environmental and economic benefits they will have by implementing these sustainable practices.

The “LIFE Natura2000 Value Crete”, as part of its networking actions, promotes and highlights the results and the good practices developed during the project "3 X Environment", and will continue its cooperation with the Polish beneficiaries, exchanging knowledge and information for common issues in both programs.

In the attached documents the Laymans' Report of the project, the 4th issue of the electronic newsletter (April 2016) and the press release that accompanies it are presented.

The “LIFE Natura2000 Value Crete” in the framework of cooperation between the two projects, responded to the "3xEnvironment" Coordinating Beneficiary’s request giving an online interview for the actions of the Greek information and awareness program. The relevant interview was published at the following link: