News Release: Project ‘’LIFE Natura2000Value Crete’’ organised workshop at Spili, Municipality of Agios Vasileios on the 28th of August 2016

A workshop was held in the context of an open event organised by the Municipality of Agios Vasileios in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Crete. The title of the event was "Environment - Civilisation pillars of the sustainable development in the Municipality of Agios Vasileios". It was the fifth of a series of 26 workshops that are to be held in the context of the communication strategy of the project. The purpose of this event was the designation of the natural resources of the area, as well as the formulation of valid suggestions for their protection and use as the driving force for the sustainable development of the area.

Lectures were given by scientists from various domains such as: the natural environment, stockbreeding, tourism, entrepreneurship and novelty. The presentations concerned the potential for development of the Municipality of Agios Vasileios through eco - friendly practices e.g. organic farming and stockbreeding, agrotourism and ecotourism. For more information follow the link:

The event was hosted in the City Hall of the Municipality of Agios Vasileios, at Spili village, at 10:30 a.m. It lasted 5 hours and about 50 people participated in it (residents, visitors and people who do business in the area). The participants were provided with a folder containing printed communication material of the project (leaflet, sticker, schedule of the workshop), t-shirt and hat. 

The presentations accompanying the workshop designated the NATURA 2000 sites on a European, national and local level and focused on the protected areas characterising the Municipality hosting the event. The main topic covered was the ecosystem services. More specifically, the following issues were addressed: benefits wildlife offers to people, alternative stockbreeding practices and ecotourism in NATURA 2000 sites, as emerging professional and scientific domains. During the workshops and at the conclusion of them, the speakers were at the disposal of the participants to clarify anything and answer to various questions. 

The lecturers and the respective presentations were the following: 

  • Mr Moysis Mylonas, Professor at the Department of Biology - University of Crete, Coordinator of the Natural History Museum of Crete: "Environmental peculiarities of the Municipality of Agios Vasileios" 
  • Mr Michalis Promponas, Physicist - Environmental Scientist, PhD (University of Crete – Natural History Museum of Crete): "NATURA 2000 Network of Protected Areas in the European Union, Greece and Crete"
  • Ms Roula Trigkou, Forester MSc, Senior Conservation Communication Officer, Hellenic Ornithological Society: "Ecosystem services of Wildlife"
  • Ms Tania Ploumi, Environmentalist MSc (University of Crete – Natural History Museum of Crete): "Socio-economic benefits from the Natural Environment" 
  • Mr Petros Lymberakis, Biologist PhD, University of Crete – Natural History Museum of Crete and President of the Samaria National Park Management Body: "Samaria National Park Management Body, Actions and Perspectives"
  • Ms Roula Trigkou, Forester MSc, Senior Conservation Communication Officer, Hellenic Ornithological Society: "Ecotourism in Natura 2000 sites: opportunities, possibilities and requirements" 

The presentations can be found in pdf files at the present site, while anyone could watch the video of the presentation of Mr Moysis Mylonas at the following link:

The travelling photo exhibition of the project is placed in the City Hall and is available to the public.