News Release: Information Centre “NATURA 2000 HALL”

The Information Centre “NATURA 2000 HALL” is a hall dedicated to the areas of the NATURA 2000 Network of Crete.
It was completed in September 2016 in the framework of the European LIFE Natura2000 Value Crete programme. The objective of the Information Centre is to acquaint residents and visitors with the protected areas of the NATURA 2000 Network of Crete. It includes four (4) interactive new technology systems, in which are presented in an understandable and comprehensible way the specific characteristics of these regions, the ecosystems and the species they host, the protection regime applicable to them and the relevant threats, as well as their importance and contribution to social and economic welfare of the island.
Through interactive contact with small and large screens, with pleasant and entertaining way, visitors can enjoy rare images of rural Crete, understand the direct connection of human occupations with the natural environment, and learn how human activities may affect the ecological balance and health of natural ecosystems, along with the fauna and flora that share with us this charismatic place.