News Release: Three information booklets of the project LIFE Natura2000Value Crete are printed and being distributed for free to the public

In the context of the Action C.1 ("Printed Communication Material: Booklets") 3 booklets were prepared in order to inform people who live and do business inside or close to a NATURA 2000 site in Crete, as well as visitors and tourists, about the ecological, social and economic value of services and benefits that agroecosystems, mountainous and coastal ecosystems provide.

The booklets include the following:

  • introductory note about the links between nature, society and economy, using the concept of ecosystem services and their contribution to human well-being,
  • information, photos and maps regarding the mountain, coastal and rural ecosystems of the NATURA 2000 Network in Crete, its priority species of flora and fauna and the main human activities that have contributed to the cultural elements and landscape characteristics of the network,
  • information on opportunities to work with nature, maintaining the ecological value of ecosystem services,
  • spots for the main alternative forms of tourism that could be practiced in NATURA 2000 sites of Crete namely: birdwatching, cultural and religious tourism, water sports etc.

The information booklets of the project LIFE Natura2000Value Crete are being distributed for free to the public, in the context of the project's communication activities.