News Release: LIFE Natura2000Value Crete participated in the Cretan Diet Festival, 1-2 July 2017

The Administrative Region of Crete-Regional Unit of Rethymno and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rethymno co-organised the 5th Cretan Diet Festival with the aim to support and promote the products of the Cretan land and the culture of its people.  

The festival took place in the Municipal Botanic Garden of Rethymno on 1-7 July 2017. Producers and craftsmen of traditional products from all over the island presented their work to the visitors. Traditional Cretan recipes, cooking lessons from famous chefs, Cretan vineyards as well as recreational and educative activities for both adults and children, composed the agenda of the festival. Music, dance and events from different parts of Greece took part at the end of every day. A representative of the project ''LIFE Natura2000Value Crete'' was present at the location of the festival, on the 1st and the 2nd of July (Saturday & Sunday), along with an information kiosk and distributed printed material to the public.

The Cretan Diet Festival constitutes the means for the connection of originality and uniqueness of Crete. Both locals and visitors from all over the world were given the chance to taste and enjoy the goods coming from the Cretan nature, meet and to get to know each other, experience different cultures and have fun.