News Release: Celebration of LIFE Programme and Natura 2000 Network at Lefka Ori Mt., Chania

Event date

Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 11:00 to 15:00

The University of Crete - Natural History Museum of Crete celebrated the European Natura 2000 Day, as well as 25 years since the beginning of the LIFE Programme, on Sunday the 21st of May 2017.

People from different authorities of Crete and families were given the chance to watch the liberation of four (4) griffon vultures at Greleska shelter (Samaria gorge). The vultures had been previously stayed at the Hellenic Wildlife Care Association (ANIMA), where a team of volunteers had treated their wounds.

The Cretan Canine Team for the Detection of Poisoned Baits presented the process they follow in order to find the baits. Their endeavors focus on the wildlife of the island of Crete, which they are trying to protect.

The celebration continued at the Information Centre of Samaria gorge. The travelling photo exhibition of the project LIFE Natura2000 Value Crete was set there, while people could watch the new documentary of the project at the same time. Both communication actions promote the value of Natura 2000 sites in Crete and the direct connection between nature and human societies through the years. The visitors could learn a plethora of things concerning Leuka Ori and Natura 2000 sites in general, through the exhibits of the Information Centre and the distribution of printed communication material of LIFE Natura2000 Value Crete. Children were engaged in various activities including arts and crafts produced by the Management Body of the Samaria gorge.

The celebration was co-organized by the University of Crete - Natural History Museum of Crete, the Management Body of the National Park of Samaria, the Decentralized Administration of Crete, the A’ Hunting Association of Crete and Dodecanese and the Hellenic Wildlife Care Association (ANIMA).