Event for the World Mountain Day (December 11) in the exhibition of NHMC

An open event for the celebration of the World Mountain Day took place in Decemer 11, 2017, in the exhibition of the Natural History Museum of Crete (NHMC) and was organized by the project LIFE Natura2000 Value Crete and the Mountaineering Club of Heraklion (MCH).

The event opening was followed by the project’s documentary “NATURA2000 Network: Life for all”.

Subsequently, Ms. Martimianaki, Climbing and Skiing curator at the MCH, opened the event presenting the Club’s activities along with breathtaking photos from the Cretan mountains.

Dr. P. Lymperakis, curator of the Vertebrate department at the NHMC talked about the influence of geomorphology, climate and human activities on the habitat types and vertebrate species of the mountain landscape.

Dr. M. Avramakis, botanist at the NHMC and member of the MCH presented the mountainous flora and vegetation of Crete with emphasis on the endangered species and discussed ways of involvement of mountaineers in nature conservation.

The LIFE - Environmental Governance and Information program «Promoting awareness of wildlife crime prosecution and liability for biodiversity damage in NATURA 2000 areas in Crete» / Life Natura Themis was presented by Ms. P. Baxevani (NHMC). Ms Baxevani showed the results of the assessment of environmental crime on Crete, which was implemented in the framework of Life Natura Themis.  

Finally, Dr Ch, Fasoulas presented the Integrated Spatial Investment (ISI) for the UNESCO regions of Crete (Samaria-Lefka Ori, Psiloritis, Sitia), funded by the NSRF.