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Law 3937/29-3-11 (OJ 60 A)



The ecological quality and importance of the site consist in the presence of the unique in Crete matorral of daphne (Laurus nobilis). Its biodiversity needs investigation but it is expected to have a great interest. Only a few species of plants, mammals and gastropods have been described up to now, but among them there are species endemic to Crete, such as all the plants and gastropods listed in section 3.3 (except Vitrea clessini, which is an endemic to the Aegian region). Notably, Oxychilus spratti is stenoendemic of Central and West Crete. One more endemic to Crete species reported the site is the amphibian Hyla arborea cretensis.

Other characteristics

The area is located at the east part of Crete, near the town of Chania, and it includes the villages of Tzitzifes and Fre. The site is characterised by rocky lands and steep slopes, which are covered by a matorral of daphne (Laurus nobilis), some woodlands of Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), phryganas (dominated by Sarcopoterium spinosum and Thymus capitatus) and a garrigue with Quercus coccifera (5331 is used to describe tree-spurge formations of Euphorbia dendroides). An the lower altitudes there are cultivated lands, principally olive trees, while vineyards cover a small part of the site.


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Reference: Natura 2000 data form, database release 7 Feb 2014